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EFSS XXV CfP extension

Deadline extension to 31 July! EFSS XXV

Translation and Transformation in Audiovisual and Digital Culture

 (3-6 September 2021, Sozopol, Bulgaria)

(NEW deadline for the proposals: 31 July 2021)


For more information: efss_xx@nbu.bg




          Plenary speakers and distinguished semioticians:

  1. Paul Cobley – Making sense of the e-reading debates
  2. Evangelos Kourdis - The Semiotics of Shifting Sensorium and Audiovisual Translation
  3. Dario Martinelli - Chekhov's guitar - or: on the musical translations of audiovisual strategies
  4. Nicolae-Sorin Drăgan The New Vincent: AI Style Transfer & Meanings
  5. Federico Bellentani - Digital Research Manager at Injenia

                    Workshop for all participants:

Digital Transformations in Virtual Reality  by Momchil Alexiev, founder of VR Lab BG


The advent of the internet and digital technologies in general has wrought deep changes to the socio-cultural tissue in almost every part of the world. Predigital cultural works and phenomena live a new digital life, remediated in interactive form. The media and entertainment industries have transformed successful narratives, characters and entire fictional worlds from the past into lucrative franchises for serial production of FX movies, TV series on demand, videogames, reality shows and home robots. AI generated narratives, based on classical fairytale structures populate the web; Gen Z translators published the first classical novels in SMS writing style while professional old school translators are striving at updating the wording of the old characters with internet slang. All this intensive metabolism of the digital semiosphere calls for semiotic attention and although a lot has been done so far, we would like to invite open minded semiotic scholars for their theoretic and applied contribution on Translation/Transformation of:

  • movies into videogames
  • literature into movies
  • movies into literature
  • literature into memes
  • comics into videogames
  • videogames into reality shows
  • literature into VR
  • movies into amusement parks
  • music into video
  • literature into music
  • music into ethics
  • ethics into memes
  • politics into reality shows
  • all other unlisted combinations


In order to enrich the interdisciplinary perspective, we are negotiating with keynote speakers who are leading researchers in the field together with some of the world's most prominent semioticians.

Selected papers will be published in the 4th issue of the journal Digital Age in Semiotics and Communication (ISSN, DOI, CEEOL)

Registration fee: 40 Euro (50 for non IASS members). The fee includes:

-         access to all lectures, workshops, seminars and round tables,

-         badge and materials,

-         7-8 coffee breaks,

-         A welcoming reception on 4 September


EFSS 2021 is organized by the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies and the team of SemioLab of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with the support of the STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT FUND of New Bulgarian University

The XXV EFSS is an event under the auspices of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS) and in collaboration with Applied Semiotics and Communication Laboratory, Research Center, FCRP, SNSPA, Romania