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SEECSS was founded in 1998 but since the dawn of NBU semiotics has been among its most important scientific and academic disciplines. The most significant contribution to its establishment belongs to NBU founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, Prof. Thomas Sebeok, a Honorary Doctor of NBU, whose international support in the 90s of the 20th century was indispensable, and Prof. Maria Popova who was dean and the first Department Chair of SEECSS. Prof. Bogdanov and Prof. Popova are members of the International Association for Semiotic Research Executive Committee.

SEECSS research interests lie in both traditional theoretical research and applied semiotics.
Since 1995 SEECSS annually organizes the Early Fall School of Semiotics (EFSS) which has already gained international popularity. During the last two decades over a hundred world-renowned semioticians have taught there and more than three hundred international and as many Bulgarian students have participated in its lectures, seminars and workshops.

Since 2007 Prof. Kristian Bankov, PhD, has been Department Chair.
SEECSS has been offering for eight years a successful and highly acclaimed program Advertising and Brand Management, a master’s degree program mainly oriented to the semiotics of marketing, branching into two specializations, namely Brand Management and Advertising and lifestyles, in which more than 350 students have graduated. Since 2010 a sociosemiotics laboratory has been operating in which undergraduate and graduate students carry out specific quantitative and qualitative semiotic studies.

Over the period 2009-2012 SEECSS in partnership with three foreign universities and scientists from Estonia, Italy and Finland developed the first international doctoral program The European Mind: Doctoral Studies in Semiotics for a Knowledge and Value Based Society (www.semknow.eu). At NBU SEECSS has its own doctoral program Semiotics comprising of over 15 students and lecturers.

The main focus of SEECSS research seminars is in sociosemiotics, text semiotics and Piercean research, while the main area of the applied semiotics is the new media, marketing communications, consumer and culinary culture as well as semiotics of education.


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