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Digital Age in Semiotics and Communication

What is DigitAsc?

Digital Age in Semiotics & Communication is a scientific journal by Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies, New Bulgarian University, founded by Prof. Kristian Bankov. It is aimed at the new forms of knowledge, social and linguistic interaction, and cultural values arising after the advent of the internet.

Every issue of the journal has a topic chosen by the editors’ board but the topics will be always related with the problems of the digital environment. The topic is announced in the current call for papers and will be available here but also in our Facebook page.

The working language of the journal is English. It uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and the author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.


The journal will be published bi-annually by Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies and New Bulgarian University Publishing House.


The purpose of the journal is to provide a collaborative work field for every scholar interested in researching new phenomena in the dynamic digital world. Our main purpose is to build a scientific bridge between the fields of semiotics, communications, social sciences and the problems of the digital era. We believe that our joint actions could rise the level of understanding of modern phenomena providing both a solid theoretical framework and profound applied researches.   

Volume 1: Digital Age in Semiotics & Communication (pilot issue)

Currently we are working on our pilot issue. It is open to different problems concerning the digital culture and new phenomena. We are interested in working with scholars from different research and applied fields, such as semiotics (both applied and theoretical), communication studies, marketing and advertising, linguistics and literature studies, anthropology and ethnography, cognitive science and psychology, computer science.


Contributions on the following topics are welcome:

  • New forms of knowledge;
  • New media and the immersive e-consumption of experience;
  • New forms of social relations in time of social media;
  • New habits of communication and self-expression/representation;
  • Online corporate communications;
  • Digital narratology and e-fiction;
  • Digital grammatology;
  • Digital audio-visualisation
  • Internet linguistics.


Who we are?

The magazine is supported and reviewed by our International scientific board:

Direction: Kristian Bankov – Sofia

Paul Cobley - London, Evangelos Kourdis - Thessaloniki, Massimo Leone - Torino, Dario Martinelli - Kaunas, Evripides Zantides - Limassol, Jordan Zlatev – Lund.


Editors in chief:

Reni Iankova, PhD

Reni Yankova is PhD in philosophy from New Bulgarian University. In 2014 she defended her PhD thesis with the title: “Semiotics and Pragmatism. Habit, norm and ritual in Charles Peirce’s philosophy. Currently she is assistant professor and researcher in the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies in New Bulgarian University. From November 2016 she works on her current post-doctoral research - “The problem of habit and habit change in Charles S. Peirce’s philosophy, together with Prof. Ivo Ibri from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. 


Silvana Milenova

Silvana Milenova is a PhD student in New Bulgarian University. She holds a Master of Brand Management and Bachelor of Public Relations. Her work experience is in brand and communication management and websites maintenance. Based on her education and work experience, she is interested in finding practical application of Semiotics and semiotic methods in creating websites and their Search Engine Optimization.

Language editor: Miranda Alksnis; Collaborator: Viktorija Lankauskaitė


For more information and submission of papers: